About Bro. Willie (The Founder Of Worship With Willie – A Christian Helps Ministry)

1383979_10201942732828234_2057641900_nWORSHIP WITH WILLIE

My name is Bro. Willie Thomas, the founder of Worship With Willie. It all began a few years back when I trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior on July 27, 1995. From that point in my life I began a path to serve and please Him. For a bit of time my personal walk with Him was inconsistent. However, as I began to yield myself to the Blessed Holy Spirit’s control I learned consistency, discipline and patience.

My desire is to help others in their walk with the Lord Jesus Christ daily. I realize that 40% of American Christianity exists 50% of the time in the house of God that is only 60% occupied. My goal is to encourage those 40% to increase their time from 50% to at least 80% through my daily devotionals, encouraging words and thought provoking material.

Worship With Willie is an independent ministry of the High Street Baptist Church of Columbus, Ohio under the leadership of Senior Pastor Charles E. Mainous III. Our desire is to address real life issues with biblical answers in this dark world as we bring forth the Light of Jesus Christ. Join us daily as we address new issues with God’s word. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Podcast, Radio Program and Smartphone App. If there is anything that me or my staff can do please feel free to contact me and I will do the best that I can to address it. Thank you and stay connected.

Bro. Willie Thomas 


Worship With Willie  

A Christian Helps Ministry


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