God’s Perfect Timing


Colossians 4:5
“Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time.”

When we search the word “Time” in the King James Version of the bible, we see that it appears about 620 times. Having that admonition we are reminded to think about God’s time once a day and almost twice every year. Why does God place such an importance on time? I believe that we can discover why in our text above. 

I. Time Is Non-Renewable

In this life of mortal beings, we have a limited time that we borrow from God. As we all know, that when time runs out, there is no way to go back and redeem the time that we lost or wasted away. We are also reminded to be wise with our time. That means we shouldn’t spend large amounts of time on unfruitful events and activities. One thing that comes to mind is worry. Worry is like mental quicksand for the believer’s time and productivity. It will paralyze you from going forward while stealing your time and draining the life out of you. Some people will spend hours worrying about an event that is usually unlikely to occur in the manner that the worrier imagines. You will spend four hours in worry about an event that is usually over before they know it then the worrier will beat themselves up about the time spent in unproductively and worry. Can you get that time in worry back? If your time in worry was a bad investment with no positive return, would you invest in it? If we know this in advance then why would we allow ourselves to buy into it’s system? When you find the answer, can you please let me know. Our time is non-renewable and limited so let’s not blow it on unproductive activities. 

II. Time Is Not An Issue To God

We, as humans, measure things by time and season while God measures things by productivity. While we put a lot of importance on time, God doesn’t. His importance is what we do in the time we have. Most people are the opposite. Their mentality is to see how much time they can waste upfront and try to redeem it all at the end when the best years of their lives have been blown. There has been a ton of instances where God has blessed people with more time because of what they have done for Him. Time is of no importance to God but He does care about us and where we are in time. 

In tomorrow’s devotional we will talk about How God sees time when it comes to humanity. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie. 


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