Are You A Spiritual Robin Hood? Pt. 1

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Are You A Spiritual Robin Hood? Pt. 1

Proverbs 23:23

“Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.”

When we think about the fictional character named Robin Hood, we often think about him robbing the rich and giving to the or even the bandit that no one can keep captive. We all know that this character has an exceptional quality for evading destruction and disaster while appearing suave and cool. However, there are qualities that this fictional character exudes that aren’t in line with Christian ethics and behavior. This week, we will talk about spiritual characteristics that many people display that makes them appear to be spiritual Robin Hoods. 

I. Unrestrained

Robin Hood was a “Free Spirited” person that lived in the Sherwood Forest. 

Free spirit of the forest – his place of refuge from the law was always Sherwood Forest. He is sometimes seen as a real person behind the Green Man, the spirit of life in the woodland.

‘Robyn dwelled in grene wode
Twenty yere and two’

‘Robin dwelt in the greenwood
Twenty-two years’

He was the type of person that seemed to live by the skin of his teeth and not have any cares or structure for that matter. He had no authority except his own ego and the options of the people that he sought to impress. In fact, some of Robin Hood’s actions and behaviors could be described as indecent and inappropriate. 

In our lives, the bible warns us about living an unrestrained lifestyle. In fact we read I Corinthians 14:40 “Let all things be done decently and in order.” Obviously Apostle Paul was speaking about the church at Corinth doing things that were indecent and out of order in God’s House. So how does this apply to me and my living today? Here is a checklist to see if you are spiritually undisciplined. 


Rate the extent to which each has been a regular part of your Christian experience during the past week.

                            Free Spirit                    Average                      Disciplined

Never (1)
Rarely (2)
Commonly (3)
Almost Always (4)
Always (5)
Rating Issue
Meditation           Self-Focused
Prayer           Self-Sufficient
Fasting           Self-Indulgent
Study           Self-Guided
Witnessing           Self-Consuming
Solitude           Self-Absorbed
Submission           Self-Promoting
Service           Self-Serving
Worship           Self-Centered
Guidance           Self-Directed
Celebration           Self-Satisfied
Confession           Self-Justified

Now, reflect upon the relationship of each spiritual discipline to the “attitude check” issue in the last column. What is the connection between the attitude and the spiritual discipline in your life?

Next, prioritize the spiritual disciplines using Low, Medium or High to indicate which disciplines most need your attention.

Many readers will find that they are more free spirited than spiritually disciplined. Being a free spirit is not a bad thing but being a spiritual free spirit looms on the border-line of sin! God is a good God and He is worthy of our praise, honor and worship. In fact, the free spirited folk in the Robin Hood story usually ran into the most issues. The more disciplined folk usually acted and fare better than the non-disciplined. How many times did you see the police and disciplined town’s people in jail? Very sendolmly! How many times did Robin Hood get a warrant for his arrest? When we display free spirited behavior spiritually, we will be viciously hunted by the devil and his demons in hopes to destroy us. The Free Spirited nature is NOT bad but it will place you in a compromising situation. I tomorrow’s devotional, we will talk about the wicked side of the Robin Hood spirituality. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie.


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