The Foes Of Mr. Depression (Part 3)

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The Foes Of Mr. Depression (Part 3)

1 Corinthians 15:33 

“Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.”

The day is finally here where we get to meet the hero of the Christian race of people. We have everything from an officer, a judge, councilors, close friends and even a salesman. These people are figure that ensure that every believer’s voice is heard and their rights are not taken away by the sly devices of Mr. Depression’s friends and family. This week we will address how Christians will get the victory over Mr. Depression Friends and Family by getting t know The Foes Of Mr. Depression.

The Encouragement Team (TnT)


The Encouragement Team or (TnT) are a duo that came along to encourage and motivate the believer as they walk with God and endure terrible or sometimes bad situations. This couple is more effective at changing the behavior of people than the duo that we heard of in the last few weeks; whose names are Sir Worry and Lady Doubt. What do they do to influence change? 

Mr. Encouragement or (Mr.E) takes time to inspire with courage, stimulate with a desire to continue or fosters an environment of positive reinforcement. Basically. Mr. E uses the things that usually scare, frighten or discourage people and show them that they aren’t show stoppers. He allows them to see them eye to eye as just an obstacle and not a sentence from some force. Here’s what happens, people that benefit the most from Mr. E usually find themselves prisoners of their own minds. They struggle to fight their own minds looping statements like

“What if this doesn’t happen?” “What if I can’t…?” “Will I/we ever get out of…?” 

If you really look at these statements, they all step from a seed of doubt and uncertainty. Those that are prisoner to these thoughts have extreme difficulty to seeing the positive in a situation. Why? Because Mr. E is a prisoner along with them in their minds. Since they can’t get free, they aren’t really motivated to set him free. Not because they are bad people, but because they require exterior encouragement. 

However, Mr E’s wife, Mrs. Good Attitude (GA) will not be for from her husband. When ever someone has been encouraged they will display a good attitude. The bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 15:33 “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.”  This goes both ways as well. Your mental health can influence your physical and emotional well-being. 

So how do we overcome?

  1. Watch The Traffic Light

When you get a red or yellow light it is time to stop and wait or slow down and watch for the next line of cars to cross. When we aren’t in a good “MOOD” we generally don’t feel like waiting for anything or anyone. We will blow right through the traffic light and crash head-on into another. When you feel you temper rising, stop and patiently wait for the other cars to cross and don’t leave until you see the green light. God controls the traffic light switch and we need to submit to his traffic laws. 

2. Wait For Pedestrians To Cross

Even though we get a green light, this does not give us the authority to “OWN” the roadway. We have to share the roadway. I know that we all have been on the road when there has been a small road and the other driver doesn’t yield to you and allow your safe passage. They are in it for themselves and seemingly could care less about you. However, there are times where we do the same when it comes to pedestrians. Waiting on pedestrians will give us patience. Patience is the foundation to a good attitude. If you find that you have a had time having a good attitude, look at how much or how little patience you have. Then go from there.

This couple has many more tools in order to help believers establish care, patience and understanding. These are just by products of the Fruits of the Spirit. If you often require external encouragement then you have an attitude problem. If you often find yourself having a bad attitude then you have no patience and will seemingly not appreciate anyone around you because there are issues unresolved. Today during your walk wth The Lord, conduct a self inventory and ask yourself “Do I encourage others or am I the one that requires encouragement constantly?” “Do I have a good attitude or am I the one that people flee from because of my bad attitude?” I think that this will give you insight to how close you are to the character of God. I hope that you allow God to speak to you through todays message. In tomorrows devotional we will complete the foes of Mr. Depression. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie.


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