The Foes Of Mr. Depression (Part 2)

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The Foes Of Mr. Depression (Part 2)

Hebrews 4:16
“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.”

The day is finally here where we get to meet the hero of the Christian race of people. We have everything from an officer, a judge, councilors, close friends and even a salesman. These people are figure that ensure that every believer’s voice is heard and their rights are not taken away by the sly devices of Mr. Depression’s friends and family. This week we will address how Christians will get the victory over Mr. Depression Friends and Family by getting t know The Foes Of Mr. Depression.

Judge Justice (JJ)


Judge Justice, or as some my call him (JJ), is an individual that focuses on ensuring believers get a fair trial and aren’t convicted without sufficient evidence. (JJ) wears a blindfold while serving in an official capacity because he doesn’t wish to be partial to one party or another. His job involves trying those that Officer Mercy Grace (MG) arrests and brings to him for a fair trial. Our Judge uses three things to judge those brought before him:

The Law – That Was Broken

The Judge’s job requires him to be very familiar with the law and know the punishments for transgression against the law. The law is what empowers the judge to hear cases and give a ruling over the people that stand before him. The law is to a judge as tools to a mechanic. One will never stand before a judge, in judgment, if they have not broken the law. 

When we break God’s law, he will be the judge since He wrote the laws. Since God is Holy and Just His laws are Holy and Just. They are so Holy that all of humanity cannot keep them. This makes us all guilty before the Holy and Righteous Judge. We often spend a lot of time in his court room defending ourselves. 

The Law Breaker – That Broke The Law

The law breaker has a time where they have to stand before the judge and “testify” or give an account as to why they did what they did. This is the chance for the law breaker to either except the accusations against them or to fight them. 

When we are accused by enemy in the court of Judge Justice, he will instantly seek out the violator of the law and seek to bring this person to justice. Usually they will have to make an atonement for what they have done as a means to pacify the wrath of the judge. In our lives spiritually, our confession and sacrifices thousands of years ago only bought us time and atoned until a more perfect means came. When Jesus died on the cross He made a blood atonement that forever wiped out the past sins which cleared the record and gave us a clean title. 

The Law Keeper – That Was Violated By The Law Breaker

The law keeper or the plaintiff usually will be the one that keeps the law but has been violated or trespassed against by the law breaker. This person has the option to forgive or to prosecute the offender. If they decide on any course of action, the judge will still be involved. He will be there to ensure that all involved are treated fairly. 

When we walk with God, He protects but even when we don’t walk in a way pleasing to God, He still has a hand of protection over us. Much like a father and his children. Even though the father isn’t on good terms with his children, he will NOT allow anything to happen to the that will hurt or cripple them. My friend God does the same thing. 

Judge Justice works with Officer (MG) to ensure that God’s children aren’t taken and imprisoned into a hard life of bondage ad slavery. He is all about fairness and making the right decisions. (JJ) may come across as tough but he ensures fairness to believers. In tomorrow’s devotional we will talk about our next foe of Mr. Depression. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie. 

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