Sitting In With Uncle Unfair & Aunt Apprehensive (Part 2)

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Sitting In With Uncle Unfair & Aunt Apprehensive (Part 2)

2 Timothy 1:7
“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

Have you ever had a situation where the conditions seemed as if it was un favorable or even plain out unfair? Uncle Unfair loves bringing this to your mind and causing you to verbalize “This is not fair”! In like manner this feeling of being ‘Unfair’ makes one adopt an apprehensive or cautious behavior in situations. This is the realm of Aunt Apprehensive. She loves to thrive in situations where one would normally step up or assume the risk. However, since the person has already experienced an Unfair action, they adopt an Apprehensive mindset and fear. This week, we will see how Uncle Unfair & Aunt Apprehensive change human behavior and Christian faith. Join us as we sin in with Uncle Unfair & Aunt Apprehensive.

Aunt Apprehensive works very different than Uncle Unfair in that she doesn’t make the victim verbalize how a situation is unfair. Aunt Apprehensive makes an individual internalize and overprices their behaviors and actions. They begin to second guess their decisions because of how something occurred earlier in time. How does she do this? She operates like this:


The question that people ask in the realm of communication is how does Aunt Apprehensive make me not want to communicate. She draws on what we refer to as negative feelings. She makes people afraid to communicate because of what the other person will or even think about what it is that you just said. Here’s a scenario:

“You are at work and you notice one of the top performers doing what would be defined as unethical behavior in order to gain sales. However, when you consider saying something to a manager or director you recall that this top performer is loved and seemed to be anointed by the senior leadership. He seemingly looks untouchable and above reproach.”

Aunt Apprehensive makes you take a passive approach to communication. She whisper statements like the follow: “If you say something about this person, they will all think that you’re jealous..” “You know that they don’t care about you as they do this person..” “Maybe if you acted like, this person, you would be in their favor too.. “Maybe their all in on it and nothing that you say or do will ever change it” “You might as well not even say anything anyways because nothing will ever change.” When she has made us internalize these questions, they slowly begin to kill our motivation to do the right thing. Why? Because it seems as if we aren’t big enough to effect change.

In fact Aunt Apprehensive is the leading reason why people witnessing for God and soul-winning! Why? For fear of rejection and ridicule. She is responsible for millions of opportunities of personal effective witnesses going unspoken. She says many of the following statements: “They don’t have time to hear what you have to say” “They won’t except it anyways” “Why don’t you do it later when they aren’t so busy” “Let someone else do it, you’re too close to them” “If you witness to them, you will destroy you friendship with them.” All of these are compelling arguments but I remind you that we are given a command to witness Mark 16:15 “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Aunt Apprehensive makes us consider the things that will go wrong instead of the things that can go right. Aunt Apprehensive is responsible for more “What could have been?” instead of “What happened was?” 

We will all have to give an account to God about the things that we have done and the time that we have spent doing them.When we listen to Aunt Apprehensive, we will one day stand before God and hear “What Could Have Been” or “Well Done Thou Good & Faithful Servant”. Today in your walk with the Lord remember that Aunt Apprehensive seeks to make you a passive and fearful person but we are more than conquerors through Jesus that loved us. In tomorrow’s devotional we will talk more about how Uncle Unfair & Aunt Apprehensive work as a team to bring down Christians. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie. 



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