Psalms 19:13-14

“Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me: then shall I be upright, and I shall be innocent from the great transgression. Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.”

Many people fight battles that no-one  knows except them and God. We all fight with something that we call besetting or secret sins. The word secret means to be done, made or conducted without the knowledge of others or closely guarded. We also see that secret means something that is or has been kept hidden. So when one has secret sins, they have something of value, to them, that they wish to keep closely guarded and out of sight of others. What sin in your life do you value more than God? The better question is; Who are you trying to hide your sin from? 

A. They obsess/worry over how they will escape 

“Will I defeat this again?”

B. They obsess/worry over how they will react 

“Will I mess up again?”

C. They obsess/worry over how others see them when they fail 

“How will they see me?”

Disclaimer: “Secret sins and besetting sins are a real issue in the lives of Christians but through the power of the Gospel and submission to the Holy Ghost, one can have and see real victory. Results may vary from person to person and not all results will be the same.”


Secret Sins – The sins that you really don’t want to commit but you secretly enjoy it but you don’t want everyone else to know that you enjoy them. So many people will erect massive walls as a safeguard to seemingly keep themselves away from the secret sin. (By the way: The builder of the wall knows how to knock it down and sometimes leaves a secret entrance.)

What are secret sins? I don’t want to give a useless dictionary definition that isn’t real to anyone. I want to be straight up and practical with what is mentioned. As previously stated, a secret sin is an action/behavior that a person may or may not want to participate in but they enjoy it so much that they are willing to hide it from others while they enjoy it. There are a few reasons why they feel as if they cannot stop but it has a lot to do with the 3 D’s: 

  • Discipline – The behavior in accord with the rules or conduct; behavior that ensures one does not participate in disruptive behavior. 
  • Desire – To wish, long for or crave. A strong urge to or for an object that one believes they need for happiness or fulfillment. 
  • Determination – The act of coming to a decision or of fixing or settling a purpose. Deciding to follow a prescribed method or idea to achieve measurable success.

When a person has a secret sin in their lives there are some things that stick out and will make them appear guilty. I have noticed this in my own personal life as well. 

  1. Overcompensation – When a person is involved in secret sins in an area like, let’s say drinking, they may overcompensate in order to “throw people off of their tracks”. For instance: They may complain against other sins in order to remain balanced. The mindset is “If I can throw someone else under the bus, then I won’t even have to be in the street.” When you observe people overcompensating in an area then they may be overcompensating to cover or hide something from public view. 
  2. Overreacting – When a person is involved in secret sins and someone mentions their area of struggle or assumes that they may be in a particular sin that person, to whom the sin was mentioned, may overreact to this accusation. This has the same connotation of pushing on an open wound without knowledge. I once preached about sodomy in a church and the dangers of it and later, that week, I was approached by a bus worker and told that there was a bus rider that went off the deep end because of my message. I later discovered that a young lady dressed like a boy was in the class listening to the message and later overreacted to the message. She felt like I was preaching directly at her. I wasn’t aware of any issue but because this person was sensitive in this area, they overreacted to the Holy Spirit’s tug. 
  3. Overlooking – When a person is involved in a particular secret sin, they may begin to overlook others in the same area. This happens when their particular secret sin is in an area that could be mutually beneficial to the on looking person. For example: If Joe goes to an addictions recovery meeting for drug use and during that same meeting Sam comes to that same meeting with an addiction to criminal activity i.e. drug sales then this has the potential to be a catastrophic partnership. Joe will begin to overlook the wrong that Sam has and will do because of the potential to satisfy his own personal need. The same thing happens when Christians have secret sin. They may knit themselves together with those that are in the same boat which could blind their eyes to the truth. 

This is a master trick of the devil! Notice how the bible explains this tactic: 

II Corinthians 4:4

“In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.”

A person that has had their mind blinded will follow anyone that professes to be a spiritual leader. This leads us to ask these questions:

  1. How does the god of this world blind their minds? 
  2. How does this method, of blinding, make so many so loyal to him? 
  3. How can we escape this great deception?
  4. How does he enslave so many Christians?
  5. How can words in a book, the bible, give me victory over something that medicine, science, counseling or will power cannot? 

God’s power is being drained away from God’s people because of our selfish desire. Next week, we will explain these questions as we talk about besetting and secret sin. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie. 



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