What Is Christian Music? Part 8


What Is Christian Music? Part 8

Colossians 3:16

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.”

Many people will say that Christian Music is one or more of the following responses: 

These responses are the answers from an article on got questions.org

– The song lyrics must reflect biblical truth.
– The song lyrics must directly praise God/Jesus.
– The song must mention God/Jesus.
– The song must be written for Christians and not as an evangelical tool.
– The lyrics must directly address God, not other people.
– The song must be completely new, not a cover of a secular song.
– The song is designed to be played in church, not outside of church.
– The melody must be paramount, and the rhythm subdued.
– The song must be written and performed by mature Christians only.
– The men & women who sing the song must live what it is they sing about.

This week we will address each of these individual ideas.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this devotional is not to tell you what type of music to listen to nor is it to tell you that your selections or choices are wrong. It is designed to give you a measuring stick to measure your loyalty and obedience to God’s Word. The choice is up to you. Your walk with the Lord will only be as strong as the music you allow to penetrate the channels of your mind. Trash in, trash out; God in, God will come out.


The bible tells us that God’s Word should “dwell in us richly”. God’s Word can only dwell in a person that allows Him access into their hearts. Sadly, many Christians that have been born again may have been saved for 40 years but aren’t spiritually mature. There are many self labeled Christian artists and songwriters on the market that haven’t yielded to Jesus since their salvation. The question for these performers is:

“How can you instruct a person listening to your music to turn to God when you don’t even have a personal relationship with Him?”

That’s like a cat teaching a dog how to bark! However, you shake it up, there seems to obviously be some issues with this situation. Here is why mature and yielded Christians should songwriter and perform:

  1. Ecclesiastically Sound over Emotional Stimulated – Many groups today get an emotional high when they perform for large crowds that are excited to meet these celebrities. Having said this, there are literally thousands of spiritual songs on the market by musicians and artists that are nothing more than mood music. Their music is nothing more than a song to excite you or lift your spirits. This is good but that’s not why sing to God. I remember reading about the saints that were burned at the stake for the name of Jesus. Men & women were singing Victory In Jesus as their bodies began to burn and smolder. They sang because they knew the importance of praising God with a joyful noise despite the situation. Do you sing because you feel like it or do you sing because you will praise God in the face of our light affliction?
  2. Glorifying Your Savior over Gratifying Your Self  – Believe it or not, there are people that actually sing in church because they seek to gratify their own selves. How? They do all types of musical contortions to make others look at them as a “super vessel” of God’s glory. Here’s what they do: 
    • Change The Lyrics – Change the lyrics to take the glory from God and make it about themselves. 
    • Change The Length Of The Music – They will hold out a music not longer than it was written so that people applaud them instead of praising God.
    • Change The Level Of the Music – They will purposely sing louder than others so that they can be glorified. Or they sing soft so that people will praise their abilities. They are saying “Look at me, I’m so talented”.
  3. Open Heart To The Father over Open Heart To The Flesh – Most people will open themselves up to the flesh and feed off of feelings. They will sing their music in a manner that glories themselves and younger Christians. This is why they elect to perform upbeat music with a gyrating & overwhelming beat. This excites the old nature of the new Christian and creates an emotional and spiritual inconsistency. Basically, they relate an emotional experience to a spiritual yielding. This is why many people that love CCM or contemporary Christian music, have a very difficult time enjoying music void of new age rhythm and excitement. Many say that “I don’t get the same feeling of God from preaching or hymns like I do with CCM performers.” 

Did you notice the acronym for the three points? “EGO”! A lot of people don’t have the humility to see the truth but will except a lie. Many people may ask why do they feel this way. This is very simple to explain in one word! 


Rapid learning that occurs during a brief receptive period, typically soon after birth or hatching that establishes a long-lasting behavioral response to a specific individual, object or behavior. 

A classic example of this can be seen in the older cartoons like Tom & Jerry. See Below:


The duck had hatched from the egg and the first adult that it saw, was Tom the cat. So automatically the duck assumed that this cat was it’s mommy! What the duck didn’t know was that Tom, the cat, stole the egg with the thought of consuming it until it hatched. 

The same can be said for most Christians and their selections of music and convictions. Because many Christians are being seen as mature, to the younger, they are seen as spiritual examples to follow. This perpetuates an ever increasing generation of carnal and powerless Christians. This is why the bible tells us in II Timothy 3:13 “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.”  Many of God’s people are being deceived by deceivers that were deceived themselves. Which are you? Are you being deceived or are you a deceiver? 

There is a very big difference between those that are spiritually mature and those that aren’t spiritually mature. When you allow the Spirit to control you, the music will minister to people more than it would if you attempt to manipulate it. Today, don’t just listen to music blindly, check out the artist’s testimony and see if they are living what they are singing. It would be crazy to get automobile work from a mechanic that doesn’t guarantee their work. The same applies to the Christian artist as well. In tomorrow’s devotional we will cover more information about Christian testimonials in music. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie.


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