Memorial Day Tribute (Day 3)

John 15:13 

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

This week as we look forward to our long weekend, many of us look at this time of year differently than others. There are many of us that see this weekend as just another weekend with an additional day attached to it while others see it as a time to remember fallen loved one. Even still some see this as a time to remember close friends and buddies that shared the hardships of military life together battling adversity. Memorial Day is NOT a time to: Disgrace, Dishonor or Disavow the service to the military by participating in abominable acts. 


Disgrace – There are a few things that patriots can’t even imagine doing and seeing happen before their eyes. Here are a few unpatriotic acts that get’s the blood of patriots boiling. 

1. Flag Burning


There are people that properly burn the flag in a dignified ceremony to end it’s service life. However, more often than not, most who burn the flag do it under the guise of “Freedom Of Speech.” However, the very symbol that they have elected to burn is the same symbol that allows them liberty to be free to do so. This act, though void of patriotism, is not illegal. 

2. Flag Stomping


Many would agree that this egregious act is an absolute outrage and they would be correct! US Flag etiquette dictates that if the flag touches the ground, it must be promptly destroyed, unless in combat where it can be retrieved by another bearer upon the original bearers death. In this image I don’t see dead people, in fact they are very much alive and willing choosing to step on these glorious colors.

Dishonor – To deface the image of the United States of America and those who serve her and the memory of them. Here are some dishonorable acts that are very disrespectful.

1. Disturb A Military Funeral


Having the audacity to disrupt the funeral service of a fallen service member in the defense in their country is utterly repugnant and very disrespectful. In my opinion, those that do so, have no lasting attachment to freedom and have taken their freedom in vain. I am reminded of a quote that I heard years ago at a military ceremony”

Those who choose to burn the flag, do not know what it means to be given a folded one.”

2. Deface A Tomb 


I feel as if those that willing do this to a person, now deceased, had some sort of deeply rooted fear of them when they were alive. This is not new! Jesus’ borrowed, now empty, tomb as actually in jeopardy of being defaced. A true patriot and human being that loves God would never dream of doing this horrible evil to a person that can no longer hurt them. 

Disavow – To renounce or to deny any affiliation to one’s home, country or national origin. In other words, passively or actively betraying one’s own land.

1. Refuse To Pledge Allegiance To Our Flag


In this photo, there are two city councilmen who willingly refuse to pledge allegiance to our national colors. In an act of blatant defiance, one council member folds his arms and leans back in his chair. The bible tells us in James 4:17 “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.” Willingly choosing to submit to the idea of freedom and liberty, not a person.

“Unfortunately, our country stand because men and woman have laid down their lives so that many people can sit and criticize them both”

2. Refuse To Accept That We Are A Christian Nation


Many would say that the United States is not a Christian Nation but on every single founding document, in our national archives, God or Jesus Christ’s name is either directly or indirectly mentioned as an authority! Most people have this mindset in the image below:


America is great because great people have allowed themselves to be used by God to benefit all. God is real and He loves those who trust in Him. America has many people who have fallen on foreign soils to protect our liberty. Memorial Day is a day to remember and reflect on their sacrifice and their courage. We should also visit their families left behind and encourage them as well. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie. 



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