Memorial Day Tribute (Day 1)

Memorial Day Tribute (Day 1)

John 15:13 

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

This week as we look forward to our long weekend, many of us look at this time of year differently than others. There are many of us that see this weekend as just another weekend with an additional day attached to it while others see it as a time to remember fallen loved one. Even still some see this as a time to remember close friends and buddies that shared the hardships of military life together battling adversity. However, we see it, lets all remember that this week is the beginning of a time of remembrance, reflection and resolution. 


  • Remembrance – We need to remember that people, that had families, lives, careers and loved ones actually died in the pursuit of your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. I find that unless we stop to think about those who have died for us, in our places, we will not willingly appreciate their sacrifice. 


  • Reflection – We often fail to realize that millions of Americans currently serve in our armed forces, including the founder of this ministry which you enjoy today. When we reflect, we should put ourselves into that, now deceased, service member and see what struggles their families have to endure. When was the last time that you send a military vet family a card? When was the last time that you thanked a vet in a tangible way? Saying thank you on Memorial, Veteran’s & Armed Forces Day is good but a card is way better. Spending $5-10 for a card on a person that protecting you and your family is a small token of appreciation compared to what they are volunteering to give. 


  • Resolution – We all need to resolve to uphold the very standards, convictions and ethics that our fore father’s have recorded in our Nation’s hallmark document. We should resolve to:
    1. Honor God Our Creator 
    2. Honor Our Nation
    3. Respect The Flag As A Symbol Of Liberty
    4. Respect Each Other As God’s Creations
    5. Honor & Reverence Our Elders
    6. Acknowledge That Jesus Is The Only Way To Heaven
    7. Respect Women As The Weaker Vessel But Honor Them As Queens
    8. Honor The Men As God Given Leaders & Seek To Hold Up Their Arms
    9. Give To Those Less Fortunate & Needy Of Help
    10. Treat Each Other As We Would Want To Be Treated


Only when we do these things, with a sincere and righteous heart will we know what true liberty and freedom is in America. I will begin to highlight the hand of God in our Nation’s battles throughout history and honor those that that gave all to protect all. I look forward to sharing these devotionals with you all this week. Remember these 10 things and strive to uphold them in Jesus’ name. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie. 


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