How To Destroy A Family in 5 Days! (Day 2)

How To Destroy A Family in 5 Days! (Day 2)

Genesis 3:1-23

Ever since the creation of mankind, the adversary has planned to destroy it and the family. However, I think that the adversary receives too much credit for happenings that weren’t under his power. We do that all by ourselves. 

This week we will see how a family can be destroyed in 5 days time. Join us as we learn how to infiltrate the familial defensive lines and destroy the family in 5 days.

Day Number 2

You notice that your children have been playing with one of their friends from school, that are neighborhood nuisances, and they treat you and your spouse with disrespect. You remind your children that these kids are a bad example but they urge that they are just nervous around you. You receive a call from the aforementioned children’s parents, right before work, informing you that your children are no longer welcome at their house. You inquire why and the reason is because their children said that you were racist! When you attempt to communicate with this family they seem to avoid you and your kids. Now your kids are mad at you and this creates tension with you and your family. What happens now?

Destructive Events on Day 2

  1. Your viewpoint is the most valid. Other people’s views are usually faulty, stupid, or uninformed.
    • Your viewpoint is the most valid
      • Some people feel as if their point of view is valid because of how they feel, how they have been raised etc. Often our points of view can be taken out of context and our words or actions can be misinterpreted by others. 
    • Other people’s views are usually faulty, stupid, or uninformed
      • In our illustration today, we see that because the parents had a real concern to protect their children, they were themselves preyed upon by others. In this situation, they think you’re Christian standards are dumb, too strict or even unmerited but if not careful we could judge them and their child rearing as devilish because they aren’t Christian. Both have the potential to be wrong. 
  2. If anything goes wrong, be sure to blame someone else. It couldn’t be your fault.
    • If anything goes wrong, be sure to blame someone else
      • How often do we blame others when something is not right or if it is your fault, do you except the blame for your part? Parents should stop and think about this one for a moment. I know that I struggle with this one personally! Sometimes I am quick to blame others in my family but slow to except the blame for something that I have done. 
    • It couldn’t be your fault
      • This opens the door to the blame game! I have found that when everyone says “It’s not my fault”, someone is usually the blame. However, this opens the door for blame and possible false accusations. We could actually blame an innocent party because there is no evidence to support our thought of guilt. 

On Day 2, we see that thinking the views of others are wrong, faulty or stupid without evidence is both dangerous and illogical and blaming others for things that have went wrong or immediately indicating something isn’t your fault could be an issue. What about your family? How does your family measure up? Two days are complete but we have three days to go! Will your family make it three more days? In tomorrow’s devotional we will talk about the destructive behavior on Day 3. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie. 











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