Reaching The Lost With The Gospel (Part 3)


Reaching The Lost With The Gospel (Part 3)



This week, we will celebrate and discuss soul-winning or what some call personal evangelism. The concept is to share the message of Jesus Christ with them in a personal and private setting outside of the house of God. This week I will share some tenants to help you become a better soul winner and/or personal evangelist. 

Disclaimer: The notes, tips and techniques are NOT guaranteed to work unless the soul-winner: puts forth effort. Additionally, one connect logically expect to win something or win someone that they haven’t trained to win. In order to win, you must first practice to win, which may include not winning multiple times. Hang in there and you will receive a victory if you learn, continue to go and trust in God’s power.

This entire week, I will give a clinic on how to reach people with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. There are 5 things that we need to remember when we witness to others. Since I used to work in sales, I will use the sales model to explain. 

  1. Introduction
  2. Needs Analysis
  3. Give & Take Away 
  4. Closing Or Invitation
  5. Follow-Up & Assurance Or Salutation & Prayer

I will cover each of these ideas each day this week  and give a practical exercise of how to address objections that come up from the person asking questions. 

III. The Art Of Give & Take Away

I realize that most people will recognize this as a closing technique but it technically isn’t. This portion of the process is seldom used. This technique can help you yield great benefit if you seek to close the deal. 

There are two parts of this technique to be mindful of:

  1. The Give – This is most important part of this whole technique. I use this technique ONLY after I have overcame all objections and there is no further argument or disagreement. So basically, the person has nothing that prevents them from accepting what it is that you are offering except pride. The give is basically a play upon their pride and their desire to have what you’re offering. There are two things that make a good give:
    • A break from talking about the item in mention – I usually break from the gospel message and ask them about their families, their careers or their favorite hobby. I will make a relationship between them and their item of interest to establish that I am more than just a emotionless person. This makes them relax and see me as a caring person. If people see you as someone that cares, that will build temporary trust and rapport. 
    • Almost giving them the item in mention – I achieve this by painting a real picture of heaven and the peaceful environment that their families can abide in eternally. I will let them know that God loves them and has gone to prepare a place for the children of God. Basically, I show them biblically, what they could have or what is awaiting them. 

The give, shows this person a glimpse of what they can have and gets them emotionally engaged to this idea. When I used to sell cars, I would do all that I could to get the customer to take a test drive. Why? Because once they sit in that seat and feel the smoothness of the ride and smell the new car scent then they will do all that they can to have this vehicle. It’s easier to sell the car once the customer has driven it and has become emotionally attached to it. They will pay any price to have this item for which their soul desires. Painting a picture of heaven and showing them how God has changed your life will give them hope for the future.

2.  The Take Away – This step has the person doing the speaking to remind the listener that the aforementioned isn’t theirs. It also let’s the person know that they can’t obtain what I have unless they relinquish what they have. This means that the listener has to invest in what is being offered. Without an investment, they will have to remain in the same condition which they are in and have no hope of salvation. In the past I have used these take-aways:

  • “You said, earlier, that you only wanted peace, safety and security for your family. In this world you will never have this peace nor will you have any hope of peace. The only peace in this world is found in Jesus Christ. You will never know true peace unless you surrender your heart to Jesus Christ. Wouldn’t you want to know true peace?” 
    • Did you notice how I took away their safety, security and peace that I gave to them in the give section? I reminded them that the ONLY true peace comes from Jesus Christ, The Prince of Peace. So now, since this idea was important to them, they will want to find out more or they will want to seek this object of desire. Here’s another example:
  • “You said, earlier, that your career is very important to you because it allows you to provide for your family and satisfy your needs. What happens if the market goes bad and you lose your job? How will you provide for your family and supply the need? The ONLY one that promises to supply all of our needs is Jesus Christ. It’s only until you trust HIM, will you know true satisfaction. Wouldn’t you like to know that true satisfaction?”
    • Did you notice how I took away their sense of financial stability and their ability to provide? I reminded them that the ONLY one that can provide and take care of them is Jesus Christ. 

The Give Take Away Technique is a very important part of the witness process because it shows the listener what God has in store for them but reminds them where they are currently. It screams loud and clear that you can get the blessings of eternal life but NOT in your current state. This is the point where you want to begin incorporating the words: you, you’re, your fault and your sin. Why? Because the speaker needs to establish ownership in order for a person to understand that this could be “theirs” and that “theirs” isn’t good enough. This technique is best used after all objections are cleared up. This technique can be very effective when a person has no objectives in the way but isn’t quite ready for the close or is on the fence. In tomorrow’s devotional we will discuss a few techniques that appertain to closing the deal. Join us again as we discuss real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie. 


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