Who Will Go? (Part 5)


Who Will Go? (Part 5)

Isaiah 6:8


Who will go? Where will they go? How will they get there? These are some questions people ask when it comes to missions. Let me answer these questions in a visual way:

Psalms 56:3 “What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee”

All too often we let circumstances overwhelm us and extinguish our faith in God. We usually do this in three ways:

  1. Focus On The Circumstance, Rather Than God Who Gave It
  2. Fail To See The Hidden Blessing, While Focusing On The Visible Inconvenience 
  3. Fight With Those Seeking To Help Us

When people are in a struggle, in life, they are often embarrassed and intimidated at the circumstance. However, when others enter into this already hostile situation, the person having issues may feel like other are attacking them personally. This could possibly cause that same person to do this: 

Build A Defensive Barrier – This is a common defensive mechanism to help people, that feel attacked, guard themselves from accusations and attacks of others. Here’s how:

When a castle is built, much thought is taken to protect the valuables inside. These valuables are: people, property, prosperity, positions and pride! So in order to keep these things safe, the castle builders took special care to keep intruders out. How? 

They had three things: 

a. Barriers – these were things that they built or manipulated in order to keep the townspeople in and the enemy out. They were water, stone and sometimes natural elements. These things kept intruders away and deterred potential attackers. 

b. Barricades – these were things put in common areas where people would normally have access but something to get in the way that prevents help from exiting or leaving. 

c. Baffle – these were things that overwhelmed the senses. These things could be smells, sounds and sights that would frustrate or scare the attacker. 

The same things are in a Christian’s life as well. Especially when we are offered assistance or help during a difficult time. For instance, let’s say a Christian has been battling a besetting sin for 10 years but one day allows his flesh to win and he sins. Using the same castle doctrine we will see how they will begin to set up a defensive barrier. 

a. Their Barrier – Since they want to keep others away, they will begin to build excuses to separate themselves. They will hide behind work, family and hobbies in order to keep their Pride safe. What barriers do you have?

b. Their Barricades – If their barriers are penetrated, they have another fail safe in order to keep some semblance of protection. They will throw things in the way to maybe throw you off the trail and so maybe you can get lost. They will harden their hearts and their Personality to avoid talking. What are your barricades?

c. Baffle – If their defenses have been compromised, they have one last element to use in order to keep “their freedom” from being taken away. They will use things like foul language, yelling and finally denial. Basically, you will deny it as long as possible only after they Perjure themselves. What are your baffles? 

When a person is taken in a fault, they will put up big barriers which is them displaying their pride.

After this has failed, they will begin to barricade others from seeing their true self by changing their personality.

Once this has failed, in their mind, their only recourse is to baffle others with things that they have never experienced from this person before, this includes many things, even perjury.

One has to go through so much in order to get to the heart of the defenses. Many casualties will occur while trying to gain entry. There could be thousands of people trying to get past the barrier but be discouraged and walk away. Then the hundreds will try to get past the barricades and find themselves dis-oriented because they aren’t familiar with this area. These people usually become casualties or are taken hostage. We can be taken hostage by this person’s situation because we want the victory but find ourselves stuck in the middle without any help ourselves. Finally, only a handful will be able to reach the heart of the defenses. These people will capture the heart of the defense and begin to interrogate until the truth comes out.  

If you notice that a person is in this cycle, don’t try to storm the castle because their defenses will overwhelm you and leave your offense in shambles. Here’s the best way to defeat their strong defenses. 

  1. Give Them Space – they expect you to come and be on the aggressive and attack them. Give them space. They will make themselves feel safe. 
  2. Go For A Friendly Visit – visiting them in a friendly manner will allow you to let them know that you’re not a threat.
  3. Give As God Provides – Israel closed it’s doors to Babylon and they succeeded in keeping the enemy out but the also ran out of necessary supplies. Be a good Christian and offer the olive branch of peace. 
  4. Go Back For Visits – Continue to visit them and show that you miss them but maintain your standards while NOT debating. Remember, you’re on their turf. 
  5. God Will Bring Down The Walls – You can’t do anything to cause their walls to fall. You must decrease and allow God to increase. 

Jesus reminded us how to treat enemies and those that have turned their backs on us in Proverbs 25:21-22 “If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink: For thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head, and the Lord shall reward thee.” You cannot destroy a castle by brute force but only by wisdom and the power of God. Ask Joshua, he knew the secret. How does this apply to missions? Your mission field will include people that have defenses and they will not be easily overcome. All that you can do is be friendly and show the love of God and IN GOD’S POWER, the walls will crash down. We will begin another exciting missions series next week as we talk about how to effectively witness to those who have never heard about Jesus Christ. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie. 


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