World News This Week (3/29/2016)


World News This Week (3/29/2016)

Matthew 24:1-12 

This week, we have already seen some strange event take place and things will become more strange. However, take heart and know that our Lord said that things will only get worse and worse, because the hearts of men wax cold. 

A. The Belgium Bombing – This was reportedly carried out by a terrorist group in the local area.

B. A Prison Escape In Ohio – This inmate was a convicted murderer and felon. He discovered a way to escape from the prison under the watch of prison guards. Fortunately he was captured and returned back to the place from which he escaped.

C. Shooting At Washington DC House of Congress – The gunman was a reported person saying that he was “A Prophet Of God” while disrupting the Congress floor. He again came to the nation’s capital, after being told by a judge to stay away, to pull out what looked like a firearm. He pointed this weapon at Law enforcement and was shot. This event caused the capital to be locked down for about 15-20 minutes. 

D. Sky-Jacking in Egypt by a bomber – This event was carried out early today. A bomber boarded a flight, without a proper security check, wearing a vest containing a bomb. This individual directed the flight to goto another location. This action was reported because of a marital issue. 

Friends, we are in an ever changing world that suffers from a lack of care, compassion and above all Christ. What can I do?

  1. Stay Informed – Not just biblically but be informed about the events of your world. Too often Christians isolate themselves and block out the bad. Ignoring the events of this world is like ignoring a toothache, it seems like a good idea until it because unbearable. 
  2. Start Interceding – We should make it a habit to pray for those that we don’t like or that hurt others. God reminds us to pray for our enemies. I think that most people want to:
    1. Prey – Hunt and kill something in order to satisfy oneself
    2. Pray – Address a solemn request or expression of thanks to a deity or other object of worship.

When we spent time trying to hunt someone or something down in order to satisfy our person desire we miss the concept of addressing or making a request to God for the offending party. Now what we have done instead is become gods. We are trying to make our own justice. 

Our world is in trouble and is headed for a place where many shall find comfort in people or things that will cause it to be worse than it is today. The only thing that will sustain our minds and hearts is Jesus Christ and His teaching on forgiveness and compassion.Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie. 


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