JOHN 1:9

When we look into the Reformers Unanimous ministry, most people will ask “What is it”? Reformers Unanimous is unapologetically a Christ centered faith based addictions ministry that helps those bound in addictions get victory through Jesus Christ. The way that we facilitate this is through a few resources:

A. Three Talks

B. Ten Principles

C. Dynamic Testimonials

D. Spirit Filled Biblical Application

Today we will focus on the ten principles and how we can apply them to our lives as we seek to a clean, sober victorious life in Christ.


(Click the link above to play the video of Principle#10)


We all have been late to work at some point in our lives. Well, when you arrive to work late there is this overwhelming sense of guilt. In that instant when we are confronted with being late we will blame others. Spiritually, we will sin against God and feel this overwhelming sense of guilt. By the way, this guilt is from God, it lets us know that we are sinners before Him. All we need to do is simply except that fact that we have transgressed the law of a Holy God and except the blame for our actions. Then God will accept our humble state and except that we have taken blame and He will remove the guilt. 

There is really nothing more to add to this principle to make it easier to understand than what I have said. However, think back to your salvation experience. Many people report that when they ask Jesus in their hearts they feel, as it were, a heavy weight lifted off of their shoulders. You may ask why? Two reasons:

A. They Have Carried Guilt For Years

A lot of people do horrible things for which, I’m sorry, can’t fix. So they throw this guilt upon their shoulders and carry on through life as if nothing has happened. Every now and then they are reminded of the heaviness of their sins but they toss it higher upon the mountain of guilt. This mountain of guilt does a few things to them: 

  1. It makes them hard – When you lift heavy weights overtime, you get used to carrying them. You don’t even think about the weight, you just pick it up and carry on. This makes people immune to guilt.
  2. It makes them hateful – When you lift heavy loads you will begin to hate those around you, that you perceive, should help you carry this load of guilt. This makes people irritated with guilt. 

B. They Have Concealed Guilt For Years

Many people will go to great lengths to hide the fact that they are guilty. This is why people: lie, cheat, steal, kill and commit suicide. The idea of being discovered in a fault is so overwhelming to them that they would rather suffer and end everything rather than being caught and judged. They tend to hide things that make them feel guilty. This is actually pretty easy to see because people will: 

  1. Change their behavior – These people will change from their normal baseline behavior unto something that is totally unpredictable. For instance, if normal behavior is to call at a specific time, and a call is not received then could be an indication for guilty behavior. 
  2. Cancel regular events – They will stop going to things that they usually found or took great pleasure in attending. Many people that attend church will usually stop going to church regularly because of the fear of being discovered by another. Their logic is, “If I don’t go, then I can’t be called out”. 

When we begin to stop and take responsibility for our sinful actions, no matter how embarrassing it is, we will be well on our way to transparency before God. When we have this type of transparency with God we will see His holiness. The reason why we want to hide is because of our sin nature and because the devil whispers in our ears, “God will never forgive you and neither will they”. However, we know that is not true because God would have never sent Jesus to die for mankind. Whatever you’re carrying or hiding, there is always room at the cross for you to lay it down and walk with God. I hope that this series has helped your walk with God. I encourage you to seek out your local Reformers Unanimous chapter and learn how to get closer to God and learn how to have real victory in Jesus. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie. 



  1. You know these messages, on the ten principles for RU, is impressive. I am a bit bias, since it saved my life. GOD through HIS nail scared HAND, and used RU to fix the problem, I so abundantly failed. CHRIST, is a light in the vast darkness. HE, showed me even as a Christian, has the same struggles in life. We are not alone. Others, in life fight theses, problems to. Because we are Christian’s we get a pass. No it rains on the just and unjust alike. Bro Willie, it’s my hope that through this GOD, uses you through CHRIST, you are able also to be that light for others. You are capable to do this, in the Name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Not only are you a light, the HOLY SPIRIT, guides you in your words you apply the example we need to help us understand, what I love about RU it is real life, broken people building back up with the support of each other. All so we can work through our issues. By first putting GOD, front and centrr. That new rock, we stand on is the solid rock. The best place to build up broken lifes. You bro,Perry, and bro, Mcgraw help lead the charge. Don’t ever belittle or underestimate, the importance of what know dought, GOD has called you to do. People are worth it, but CHRIST is most definitely worth it.


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