Ecclesiastes 5:10

James 1:14-15

When we look into the Reformers Unanimous ministry, most people will ask “What is it”? Reformers Unanimous is unapologetically a Christ centered faith based addictions ministry that helps those bound in addictions get victory through Jesus Christ. The way that we facilitate this is through a few resources:

A. Three Talks

B. Ten Principles

C. Dynamic Testimonials

D. Spirit Filled Biblical Application

Today we will focus on the ten principles and how we can apply them to our lives as we seek to a clean, sober victorious life in Christ. 


(Click the link above to play the video of Principle#4)


I once participated in a very specific diet a few years back. This diet was claimed to be a jumpstart to the system and help you loose weight but for me, lower my blood pressure. I was so excited about the diet and starting it that I forgot that it wasn’t going to be easy to give up my “pet foods”. I like skittles, chipotle and of course bacon, eggs and coffee. Well, for any coffee drinker, you know that if you miss coffee or caffeine for a few days. Terrible headaches that bother you night and day occur. 

On the first day, this diet required me to juice fresh fruit and veggies for 15-30 days while fasting from meats, breads, eggs and any other solid food. I could ONLY drink water with the juices from the fruits and veggies. Day 1,  consisted of me being hungry and confused. I missed the habit of consuming my favorite foods but it wasn’t bad. Day 2, the caffeine headaches came, then the system purge, then the real hunger pains and finally the crankiness because of physical issues. My body had began to clean itself of the junk that I had spent years putting into it at this time. This lasted almost 4 days but on day 6, all of the pain subsided and the energy started to come. I began to sleep better at night and my energy level remained all day. 

All too often, people will try to stop with some sort of addictive behavior or dependance but because of the pains, that they are not willing to endure, they will yield and quit. The pain remains to remind us that something has hurt us and it needs to be repaired. What does this mean?

A. Detox Only Goes Two Ways: Recovery or Relapse

When the pain of ridding your body from addictive behavior or chemical substances come on strong, most people will choose to return to the substance of choice in order to make the pain go away. They are choosing to fight a battle by indulging in it. This is called relapse. Very few will actually fight through the pain and come out on the other side stronger and better equipped to deal with the pain. When one chooses to fight and refuses to fail they will be on the path to recovery. So are you detoxing? Have you been set free or are you still bound by failure? 

B. Determination Only Takes You So Far Before It Shatters

When an addict begins to determine that they will “Do Better”, they really want to try to do what others weren’t able to do. They will determine to remain clean but the old friends, old desires and old appetites rise up. During this time, it almost seems like a three against one battle and you’re out numbered. Many will see their determination melt like snow on a hot day. You require more than sheer determination, you need Jesus Christ. 

C. Devotion To One Man Is Enough To Make You Whole

People often seek out programs or cheap substitutes, to make themselves clean, but they are only prolonging the inevitable end result. Bondage! Once a person realizes that ONLY Jesus Christ can free you from the pit of sin and addiction, the better off they will be. Only Jesus can make one truly free. 

Reformers Unanimous isn’t a quick fix tool that people use once and never come back to when they are complete. RU is actually totally different! The more you continue to come back, the stronger you will become, and the easier it will be to say the word NO! Don’t kid yourself, it WILL NOT BE EASY TO RESIST. You have probably spent years perfecting your drug use or addiction so don’t logically expect to kick it in a short period of time. It does happen but not everyone will see the same results. In tomorrow’s devotional we cover my favorite principle which is the key to success on the road to recovery. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie. 

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