Freedom Of Speech VS Donald Trump


Freedom Of Speech VS Donald Trump

This is an except from the local news:

VANDALIA, Ohio – Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump was briefly surrounded by U.S. Secret Service agents on stage at a campaign rally in Ohio on Saturday, after someone tried to rush the stage as he delivered a speech in which he blasted protesters for forcing him to cancel an event the previous evening in Chicago.

Late into his speech at an airport hangar outside of Dayton, Trump appeared to jolt after hearing something in the audience standing behind his right shoulder.

A group of Secret Service agents quickly rushed on stage and briefly formed a protective ring around the billionaire businessman. Almost as quickly, they left the stage and allowed him to continue his speech.

Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks said a man had attempted attempted “to breach the secure buffer.” He was removed “rapidly and professionally,” she said in a statement.

Matt Miller, a Trump supporter who owns a body shop in Dayton, said he was standing near the podium when the agents took to the stage to protect Trump.

Many people flock to Mr. Trump as he ineloquently speaks his mind without a filter. Mr. Trump is well within his rights to speak however he wants but there are consequences to liberty. 

Exodus 32:7-14

Our text shows that the Hebrews had left the bondage of Egypt. Their release from bondage had given them liberty, which they had never experienced in their lives, was actually the only thing that destroyed more of these people than the enemy. Liberty has to be held in respect and if it infringes violently upon another causes friction. When we use our liberty smoothly and in a dignified manner we will see the experiment of democracy that our fore fathers fought to preserve. 

Disclaimer: This devotional is not designed to attack, defame, dispose or downgrade Mr. Trump’s personal character or is campaign by any means. Any text in this devotional is strictly meant to compare & contrast in a biblical text. This devotional is my freedom of speech and is not intended to offend anyone. If, by any reason, you or someone that you know becomes offended all you need to do is stop reading.

There are a few things that I see when it comes to this candidate and freedom of speech. Below is a parallel to the children of Israel and Mr. Trump;


The children of Israel were in bondage for hundreds of years and desired a change from the things, ideas and behaviors which they had experienced during this time. Essentially, they were apart of a broken system that only hurt them.

Mr. Trump, I believe, has good and honorable intentions to see things in the United States change from the condition(s) in which we are currently. Mr. Trump has apparently observed somethings that he believes & interprets as injustices. 

When change is needed or desired, there has to be a condition for which people aren’t happy. When they see NO other means of redress they will earnestly groan for change. I believe that Mr. Trump has cued in to this outcry of the people and desires to seek this change. Mr. Trump has started to say things that are not only offensive but just down right rude. Just because I want people to change, doesn’t give me the right to disrespect another person’s personal liberty. Trying to force another person to change their views by force is like setting a fire and expecting it to put itself out. 


The children of Israel prayed for hundreds of years for deliverance and when they finally received it they pushed away God and His principles. We see when God was pushed away, Israel suffered but then they listened to God Israel prospered. 

Mr. Trump consistently speaks about “Making America Great” but the only way to make America great is to change it’s people. We can make policy and try to force people to follow it but unless you change the hearts and minds of the people you won’t have see any real changes. 

Only God can bring changes! Mr. Trump, or any other politician, can campaign and say that they will bring changes but unless you look to God then it’s all in vain. For some reason, most politicians will talk about what they can/will do but leave out God who has the power to change people. 


The children of Israel have fought against God and this ultimately led them down a road to destruction, dismay and doom. They began to forget about the goodness of God and complain. At the same time their mouths spoke evil against God. This made them adopt a spirit of entitlement instead of humility.

Mr. Trump has shown an inability to show humility. Mr. Trump freely spouts the first thing that comes to his mind without any thought for others. When a person campaigns for public office they should display manners, courtesy and poise at a higher level. For instance, the President of The United States cannot go and punch another person in the mouth without a very good justification.

So what will happen if Mr. Trump is elected as the President of The United States?

A. The Good

  • He will run the country like a business
  • He will get rid of things that aren’t productive
  • He will retain things that are productive and seek out other ways to make money
  • He will cut spending dramatically
  • He will fire those in office that collect a check that provide no tangible benefit to America

B. The Bad

  • He will offend people from other countries and nations by his improper conduct
  • He will attract radical fans of Trump to his brand and not his politics
  • He will NOT live up to what the American people thought and fail
  • He will live up to what the American people thought and establish a government based society. 

How do we fix all of this?

  1. Go Vote
  2. Pray for your leaders
  3. Tactfully Educate others 

I hope that this small current events segment created some fodder for thought. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie. 





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