Pastor Shot By Disturbed Gunman

Pastor Shot By Disturbed Gunman

II Timothy 3:1-17

The updated story can be found here

The subject has been found and arrested but only after boarding a plan bound to Washington D.C. with a felony warrant. 

How does this happen? 

A. Sin Is Rejoiced

The bible says that “Sin is a reproach to any people”. When we put sin in the place of righteousness we begin to see it being a reproach. What does that mean? Discredit or disgrace upon something or someone. The discredit and disgrace is because of sin and the glorification of that sin. This has gone from the church house to the White House. Sin is responsible for gun violence, fight clubs and wreck less behavior. 

Take note all politicians: 

If you want to reduce gun violence, police shootings and domestic terrorist attacks; it is not found in law making but ONLY in looking to the Messiah! 

Until you realize that Jesus Christ is the only way to truly see change then you will spin your wheels in the mud with no hope for escape!
B. Safety Is Removed

We all know that safety is not like it used to be! I remember a time, as a child, when we used to leave the doors unlocked without worry of injury. I also remember when people respected authority figures as well. We used to feel safe in: school, church, work and even in the marketplace but since the late 1990s we have seen spikes in random acts of violence. Where has the safety gone? I believe that it has been removed along with the hand of God as well. Do you feel safe?

C. Scriptures Are Rejected 

People tend to reject the bible because: 

1. They Don’t Understand It – The lost person can’t be expected to grasp the truth of the scriptures due to being spiritually dead. This is why they need life or a living person, Jesus Christ, to revive them spiritually. 

2. They Don’t Use It – The backslider will not use the bible because it reminds them of what they once were. They possibly see their condition as irreversible and irreconcilable. “If I come back to God, after a life of sin, then others will judge me”.

3. They Don’t Uphold It – The active Christian will not uphold the truth of the bible because they don’t spend enough time reading and studying it. Additionally, because of relationships and friendships, they choose not to speak about the truth to those who need to hear. The principles and lessons learned aren’t respected thus making this person if none effect. 

God’s man, in the bible, was respected and revered as the man that represented God among the people. If people can’t respect the man of God, whom they can see, how will they respect God, whom they can’t see? They only way they will see God is by seeing Him in us. We can’t prevent crime but we can pray that God protects us. Until we humble ourselves and pray and seek God’s face, I fear that these types of outrageous crimes will continue. Stay tuned for more current events on Worship With Willie!


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