Jeremiah 17:9

Proverbs 4:23

Romans 13:14

When we look into the Reformers Unanimous ministry, most people will ask “What is it”? Reformers Unanimous is unapologetically a Christ centered faith based addictions ministry that helps those bound in addictions get victory through Jesus Christ. The way that we facilitate this is through a few resources:

A. Three Talks

B. Ten Principles

C. Dynamic Testimonials

D. Spirit Filled Biblical Application

Today we will focus on the ten principles and how we can apply them to our lives as we seek to a clean, sober victorious life in Christ. 

PRINCIPLE #2 “Every sin has its origin in your heart.”

(Click the link above to play the video of Principle#2)


When we enter into any structure we yield ourselves to the construction of that facility. We trust that it will not collapse as soon as we enter into it. In our hearts, we really do not think about it unless there is construction going on that we can see. In our principle today we see that every sin has it’s origin in our hearts. Every building once began with a thought and eventually became something tangible. In our lives, the thoughts whether good or bad have immense repercussions. It all had to begin somewhere. Every sin has it’s origin in our hearts. 

Here is something that I would challenge you all with today:

Teach Your Heart How To Dwell On Good Things

In our life we are either teaching others a lesson or being taught a lesson. In each situation you go through you are learning or teaching someone and yourself. If we have a habitual habit that is destructive and abusive, it because we have spent time teaching ourselves this behavior. A person doesn’t become an addict from one hit or one time doing the bad habit. It has been taught to then, usually by their repetitive action. When we participate in destructive habits it will teach not only us to continue to do it, but we will begin to get better at doing it and/or hiding the evidence of it. When we do this, we are teaching others what to do and training ourselves how to get away with it. This only happens when we have been dwelling on fleshly and carnal things. How do I fix this? 

You can ONLY fix this cycle by, making sure that trash doesn’t enter into your heart because trash will exit you because your heart has been defiled. 

I once saw a movie of a family that came home and discovered a horrible smell in their house like a dead animal. They searched everywhere but couldn’t find it. So they decided to use bleach, strong air freshers and other chemicals to hide the stench. Well, the smell spread from one room to the entire house. It became so bad that they began to get sick and develop health problems. This stench actually go into their bedding and clothing and personal effects. This made it so that others smelled the stench, which embarrassed the family. The family considered moving because all of this had become overwhelming but they called a professional to come out and inspect their house. The professional entered the house and walked out in a moment with the answer to their problem. The professional said that “You have a dead rat in your HVAC system”.

The family was overwhelmed to discover that they had the problem figured out. However, when the professional told the family the price that they would have to pay to resolve the situation, they were really discouraged and asked the professional to leave. The family went back into the house and began to search for the dead animal for weeks with no success. Months later, they asked the professional to return to remove the dead animal but the damage to their home would cost more than the original quote but the family was desperate and hired him to fix the issue. The professional walked over to a loose floor intake filter and removed the dead rat, the defiled filter and replaced it with a new filter and sprayed a sweet fragrance into the system. 

The professional said “I just can’t remove the thing that defiled the air but I have to replace the filter. Otherwise, the odor will remain long after the original defiled object leaves.” They asked, why did you spray that sweet smell into the system after you replaced the filter.” He said, “When any odor goes into your system like this, it will take some time for it to disappear completely. This sweet smell will remind you that it has been removed and will eventually die off while the sweet smell will get stronger. The family asked “How did this rat get into the system anyways.” The professional answered, “It really doesn’t matter how it got in, the thing to be thankful for is that it’s gone!” 

This story was actually a type of parable that gives us some application to sin having it’s origin in our hearts. Here are a few things to consider:

A. It Isn’t Important That Your Heart Has Been Defiled But That It Gets Clean

Too often we will focus on how to keep our hearts from being defiled but our text says that it’s already that way. The best we can do it to perform a daily check to make sure that nothing gets into the intake and dies there. 

B. Make Sure To Check To Intake

If something gets into your intake and dies there, it’s only because you wasn’t concerned enough to walk by and check it or you saw it there and it had become a part of everyday scenery. Make sure that you are constantly checking for abnormalities and remove them as son as you see them. 

C. Spoiled Items In Your Intake Will Make You Sick

When things spoil in our intake, the mind, we will usually send those things out as a finished product, our actions, to others. If you have allowed something to spoil in your intake, it is only because you didn’t show the interest to remove it before it became an issue. This is your fault an no one else.

D. The Bad Odor Will Be Noticed By Others But Not By You

When we walk into places with the dead odor upon us, others will notice this stench. It’s funny that we never notice that we have bad attitudes but others do which makes it worse. When others alert you to something spoiled in your life, take note and not take offense.

E. Hiding The Issue Behind Something Designed To Cover It Up Will Not Fix It

For those that think that you can fix an issue by covering it up, I would say that logic is both flawed and illogical. Trying to fix a by-product of an issue without fixing the original source wastes time and resources. People trying to overcome an addiction by saying no, when they have no power to do so, always smells like good smelling failure. It’s like putting on cologne or perfume after you have not bathed in weeks. Go bathe first and then put on the smell goods. Those things are designed to enhance whatever is already there. If horrible odor is there, then it will be intensified. 

F. We Are Not Qualified To Fix Things That We Have No Understanding Of 

Our text tells us that the heart is desperately wicked “who can know it?” we don’t even know our own hearts. We have no expertise to fix anything concerning our hearts. It is impossible to perform heart surgery on yourself while you are conscious of it. You have to have a skillful surgeon that knows how repair the heart without your conscious knowledge of it. I know such a surgeon. That surgeon is Jesus Christ. 

G. The Object & Whatever It Touches Must Be Removed Before The Stench Goes Away

It is NOT enough to remove the dead rat but you have to change the filter as well. In your lives, it is not enough to stop a dangerous and destructive habit, you have to remove the thing(s) that caused the habit to begin in the first place. For the addict, this means removing yourselves from areas that could lure you to this destructive behavior. I would say that it is easier to quit a habit than to stop a person from associating with the people whom they associated with while enjoying that habit. Why? Because we build connections to the things, people and situations that are important to us. You will never remove the stench of bad behavior if you enjoy the smell of it.


I invite you all to listen to our podcast this week. The subject is about the introduction into Reformers Unanimous program. It gives some insight that I didn’t go into today. To subscribe to our podcast you can use iTunes or SoundcloudI encourage you all to listen to this encouraging and life changing resource. In tomorrow’s devotional we will discuss another life changing principle and life changing scripture. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie. 

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