Reformers Unanimous 10 Principles (Part 1)


Reformers Unanimous 10 Principles (Part 1)

Galatians 5:19-24

When we look into the Reformers Unanimous ministry, most people will ask “What is it”? Reformers Unanimous is unapologetically a Christ centered faith based addictions ministry that helps those bound in addictions get victory through Jesus Christ. The way that we facilitate this is through a few resources:

A. Three Talks

B. Ten Principles

C. Dynamic Testimonials

D. Spirit Filled Biblical Application

Today we will focus on the ten principles and how we can apply them to our lives as we seek to a clean, sober victorious life in Christ. 

Principle #1 “If God’s Against It So Am I”

(Click the link above to play the video of Principle#1)


When we find ourselves in a position where we seek to go forward into victory but are pulled back into the jaws of defeat we will have failure, frustration and fear. If God is against something, then I should be as well.


Here is something that I would challenge you all with today:

Find Out What God Hates & Stop Doing It

If we know what it is that God hates, then chances are, we will attempt to stay away from those things. I remember my wife asked me to NOT make a certain sound with my mouth because it bothered her. I acknowledged that it was something that would displease her and at first I toyed with the idea of doing it because it was fun but the more I kept doing it, i discovered that it really bothered her. Then at this time, I discovered that I had a real issue stopping. It seemed like the more I tried to stop I found that I had great difficulty. After a period of time, I eventually began to get the victory over this one thing. When I did do it, after getting victory, I found myself looking at her and instantly saying “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.” She didn’t get mad at me because she knew that I didn’t mean it but it meant so much that I immediately tried to make it right. 

In the life of an addict, you will find that most people will have a vicious cycle or pattern of behavior: 

A. They try the sin

B. They enjoy the sin

C. They seek more of that sin

D. They are in bondage to that sin

1. The thrill of that sin is gone

2. They use because they can’t say no

3. They are chasing that original thrill

E. They see no way out

In your life, much like that story, you will try something and do it recreationally or just because someone or the law said no. This is rebellion! Then we will find ourselves in a place where we see that our sin hurts others and we will want to stop but realize that we can’t. This is regret! Then we will do everthing in our power to rid ourselves from this behavior but will fail miserably. This is restraint! At this point, the only thing that will help this person and what they need is to be released. That’s only through Christ. Are you rebellious against the Lord? As a result, of that rebellion, are you in regret of your past actions? Do the sins of your past keep you in bondage and you life a life trapped and restrained? You NEED Victory. 

Jesus has overcome death, hell and the grave! Do you feel like you want to die because you are in bondage that makes your life a living hell? Do you contemplate suicide that will take you to a grave? There is freedom through Jesus Christ. He is the ONLY one that can release you from the prison of abuse. You don’t have to live that way. You choose to live that way! Jesus is quietly awaiting you to leave the abusive and destructive pattern of your bound life. The only way to leave this dangerous and destructive pattern of living is to realize that “If God is against it, So Am I”. 

I invite you all to listen to our podcast this week. The subject is about the introduction into Reformers Unanimous program. It gives some insight that I didn’t go into today. To subscribe to our podcast you can use iTunes or Soundcloud. I encourage you all to listen to this encouraging and life changing resource. In tomorrow’s devotional we will discuss another life changing principle and life changing scripture. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie. 






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