Crossing The Jordan River (Part 3)


Crossing The Jordan River (Part 3)

Today’s bible reading:

Joshua Chapter 6  – God’s First Victory at Jericho

Joshua Chapter 7  – A Battle We Better Not Lose: vs. Sin

Joshua Chapter 8  – Recovering From Defeat

Joshua Chapter 9  – Falling For A Lie

Joshua Chapter 10  – The Battles Against the Kings

Joshua Chapter 11  – Responding Strategically

Joshua Chapter 12  – Gaining Momentum

Welcome to the Crossing of the Jordan river devotional series. In this 5 part series we will talk about the steps that the children of Israel took to exit the wilderness of sin. Join us as we learn how they crossed the Jordan river.

Today, I want to briefly breakdown and the outline of the book of Joshua.


Joshua 6-12

Conquering the Land

A. In Joshua chapter 6, we see that the Hebrews got the victory over the enemy because they listened to God’s instructions through the man of God. They followed the step by step instructions even though they didn’t really believe that it would work. They did as they were instructed without question, hesitation and even displayed doubt. 

When we trust God and follow those that are led by Him we will begin to see the walls of oppression fall to the ground. To often we try to figure things out with human reasoning instead of simply trusting God. When we do this we make ourselves hopelessly depressed and faithless. In our minds we will try to “make” a square peg fit into a round hole. We will expect God to move in a way that we “think” that He should. When he doesn’t we will become depressed and anxious because it troubles us. God is not a jack-in-the-box, and He definitely isn’t a “break in case of crisis” being. He deserves 1st place not runner up. Those that aren’t led by God will find themselves secretly running from Him.

B. In Joshua chapter 7, we see that one person committed a secret sin that caused the power of God to leave the camp. The secret thing caused the children of Israel to lose in battle. This transgression caused the people to doubt God until it was dealt with and the power of God returned to the camp.

In our lives, when we harbor a known secret sin, we will begin to lose the power of God in our lives. one God’s power departs us, we will begin to lose the victories that God previously gave us. We will become and witness casualties at our hands. This will cause us to doubt God in our lives. When we begin to doubt and we will find ourselves hurting others with our behavior. The only way to avoid this destructive behavior is to kill the desire to do the bad behavior. Once the bad desire has been slain, we need to make a large grave stone to remind us that this behavior will end up killing our usefulness to God. Don’t let it kill your effectiveness for God. 

C. In chapters 8 – 10, we see that Israel were fighting many battles and also getting many victories in God’s power. In this we see that once you become very successful in fighting for God there will always be another battle to overcome. When you stop fighting, you will find yourself in a position where you surrender to anything that comes up and you will eventually become a prisoner to the one that captures you. 

We see that Israel had become a fighting force that others feared. Just because God has promised you a victory doesn’t mean that He will give it to you on a silver platter. We need to actually go out and fight the battle. In tomorrow’s devotional, we will complete this section of the devotional. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie. 





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