Crossing The Jordan River (Part 2)


Crossing The Jordan River (Part 2)

Today’s bible reading:

Joshua Chapter 1  – Developing God’s People  

Joshua Chapter 2  – God’s Mysterious Ways

Joshua Chapter 3  – Signs & Wonders

Joshua Chapter 4  – Forming Memories

Joshua Chapter 5  – Strategic Pauses

Welcome to the Crossing of the Jordan river devotional series. In this 5 part series we will talk about the steps that the children of Israel took to exit the wilderness of sin. Join us as we learn how they crossed the Jordan river.

Today, I want to briefly breakdown and the outline of the book of Joshua.




Joshua has been chosen by Moses long before the children of Israel ever crossed over into the land of salvation from the Egyptians through the Red Sea of doubt. The Red Sea represented doubt. The Egyptians represent the world and their influence while the other side of the Red Sea represents salvation. The path through the sea of doubt represented the One and only path to Salvation through Our Lord. It is ONLY made to allow those that believe through faith to travel through the other side. Others that try to come through this  safe passage will be confounded and destroyed. The enemy can’t even get you while you’re in this salvation passage. 

In getting ready for battle there are a few things one must do, before you cross the Jordan River. 

A. The People Were Uncertain

In Joshua chapter 1 we see that Moses is dead and God begins to speak to Joshua. Because the people had been accustomed to Moses and his leadership, even though Joshua was allowed to lead the people while Moses was alive, they were probably uncertain about the direction they were to take. They were unsure that Joshua would get the same guidance from God as Moses did when he was alive. 

How many times do we fear change? When something or someone changes, we begin to automatically reason in our minds “What will happen if?” or “What if ____?”. My response to that is “What evidence do you have to support that this even will fail or succeed?”. Give it a chance to work before you write it off as a failure. We see that the children of Israel did just that same thing and the ones that failed to believe, because of fear and doubt, they died in the desert. They were never allowed to go into the promised land after going through all of the trials and tribulations. In our lives, when we doubt God and fear the changing of directions that He sends us into, we will languish and spoil in the desert of uncertainty. All we need to do is follow the man of God as he is led by God. 

B. The People Of Other Lands Were Understanding

In Joshua chapter 2 we see that the people of Jericho were very aware of God’s power and His influence. The people of Jericho were afraid of the Hebrews and their all powerful God. The bible said that their heart fainted for fear and Rahab the harlot told them. The walls of Jericho were an obstacle but God allowed them to fall like dominoes. The people probably thought that they were safe behind the walls that they established. They felt that their own strength would protect them from God. However, God has a way to know down walls without construction crews or even wrecking balls. 

When we walk before the Lord with the understanding that God will deliver us no matter what situation we go into as we submit to Him, then people will begin to wonder about us. They will secretly begin to fear what we have and build their wall. It’s interesting to me that people will build a huge “spiritual” wall up when they discover we walk with Jesus. They want to protect their primitive “god” being because they know Jesus is powerful. If Jesus isn’t a convicting name, then why do people make a profanity and use it in vain? Do you hear any other “god” figure’s name being used in vain? Why not? Because there is no convicting power in it. People use Jesus’ name in vail to take the sting out of it, but it still convicts. The unbelieving world understands that God is real but because they enjoy their sinful freedom they choose to ignore Him. They will ignore you as well but the bible says that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess. Do the enemies of God see you and understand that God uses you for His glory or do they see you as just another religious person using God?

C. The People Of God Were Under God’s Protection

In Joshua chapter 3 the bible talks about the Ark of The Covenant being held by the priest in the midst in the Jordan river while the people crossed over to the other side. The people crossed over from the Exodus route via the wilderness of sin to the land of promise. 

When we cross over the Red Sea we enter into the land of mere salvation. During this time we learn how to worship and how to receive the words of God from the man of God. This is where most people end their journey with God. Many people will die in this state. However, if you make it through this phase, you will see God’s presence before you and see that same presence guide you into the place of His perfect will for you. The whole time, you will be under His protection and presence. When we live to serve we won’t feel like we have to serve Him to live. 

D. The People Of God Had To Form Unforgettable Memories

In Joshua chapter 4 we see the Israelites forming memories of the movement of God. They build a landmark of stones with an explanation. The reason was to keep the younger generation in remembrance of the miracles that God gave the children of Israel. 

Unless we keep the memory of God in our families, it will simply die out when do. In our lives we need to build tangible things that remind our families that God is real and that He loves us. As much as we need blind faith to follow God, we also need something that we can see to remind us that He is there. The children of Israel had the Ark and the tabernacle. This was a real and tangible representation that reminded them that a holy God was in their midst. If we fail to remember that God is with us, we will fail to include Him in our lives. We can’t make people remember things that they haven’t even experienced. In order to have our families remember God, we have to saturate their lives with things that remind us of Him. 

E. The People Had To Walk With God Themselves

In Joshua chapter 5 we see that the Israelites had a few things happen to them as they began to learn to trust God. They had to identify with God physically in order to show that they were all in with Him. They began to feed themselves with the things from the fruit of God’s perfect will. After they had tasted of the fruits of the Perfect Will of God, the manna stopped falling. 

In our lives, before we get to the promised land or that place of victory we need to identify with God outwardly so that we have something that follows God’s law and show the world that we are His. We have baptism now but they had circumcision. After we have experienced salvation, and before we fully enjoy the fruits of the victorious life we need to self identify with God. We all have a choice but those that voluntarily do this will begin to see the blessing of God. We see that they began to enjoy the fruits of the victorious life. When they tasted the fruits of this land, the manna from heaven stopped falling. God didn’t need to feed them any longer because the desire to consume the fruits of the victory land was within them. 

When we get to the place where we want to sell out to God we must be saved and baptized. After that, we must see that God will begin to feed you but at some point, you must have a desire to get up early in the morning and work for what God has for you in the scriptures yourself. In tomorrow’s devotional we will discuss the next part of this series as the Israelites begin to enjoy their first taste of victory. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie.





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