The 5 Things That I Learned From The Wilderness Of Sin (Part 1)


The 5 Things That I Learned From The Wilderness Of Sin (Part 1)

Exodus 16:1-36

In our text we see that a few chapters earlier the Hebrews were in exile but were delivered by God at the hand of Moses. In chapter 15 we see that the Hebrews crossed the Red Sea of salvation and are singing the praises of God. Then when we get into chapter number 16 we see that the Hebrews have been punished by God. The Lord has exiled Israel to wander for 40 years in the desert because of disobedience, discontent and doubt. Today we will learn the 5 things that I learned from the wilderness.


The Hebrews were ordered, by God, to tarry in the wilderness before going forward into the promised land. The reason, I believe, could have been because there were a few spiritual parasites that needed to be killed off. Had these spiritual parasites came into the new land, they would have infested it and caused irreparable damage to the cause of Christ. What are these parasites and how did the wilderness destroy them?

A. By Changing Your Diet

The Hebrews couldn’t eat the same foods that they enjoyed in Egypt, while they were in the wilderness. Why? Because it wasn’t there. We hear repetitively that they complained about the diet that they had in Egypt and how this new diet wasn’t satisfying their dietary needs. The wilderness forced them to change their diets and adapt to what was coming from God’s table. 

Spiritually, we will seek the same diet from the world when we have been delivered from it through Christ. When a person trusts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, they will desire a new diet but they may not know what it is that they need. I liken this to that feeling when you’re hungry for something but don’t know with it is. Then when you eat food that doesn’t hit the spot, you cannot rest until you satisfy that taste that you crave. The Hebrews were so used to a certain diet of the world’s food that they could not even see that God’s table was right before them. 

The bible tells us in II Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” Notice that the aforementioned verse did not say that old things are completely changed. They are passed away. I remember when my grandmother realized that she had terminal cancer. She slowly declined in health until the point that she left this world for glory. At the same time, my daughter who was young and weak, became stronger and stronger. When you trust Jesus as your Lord you will notice that the old man begins to die off and the new man begins to grow stronger. However, if you feed the old man things that will make it healthy and the new man things to make it sick then there will be issues. The Word of God will take care of both people at the same time. The Word of God acts as a poison to kill the old man and the Word acts as a superfood to help you new man grow by leaps and bounds. Who are you feeding? What are you feeding them? Which man is stronger in your life?

B. By Cleaning Your Domicile 

This simply means that you have to keep your house clean in order to avoid getting nasty vermin. The children of Israel never had to practice remaining clean nor had they been told to abstain from things before this time. Now they were told that certain foods were off limits and certain practices were off limits. Possibly because these things bred parasites. 

A friend of mine went to a foreign country for a missions trip a few years back. He was encouraged, NOT to drink the water. Well, his ran out and he said that he didn’t see any harm, it looked clean and clear enough. He took a drink of the water and in a few days, he began to have major health issues. He said that he didn’t know something that he couldn’t see could cause so many issues that he could see.

When we maintain a clean and holy lifestyle before the Lord and remain diligent to stay clean, then nine times out of ten we will stay clean. Usually, the people that aren’t concerned about staying clean are the ones that generally remain sick. Spiritually, we have to keep a good and clean testimony before God. Why? Because if we do not, then we will see ourselves devolve back to a worse condition than what we have departed. How clean is your testimony? How sin sick are you today? Are you so sin sick that God has to put you in spiritual dialysis because your soul is so flooded with waste, parasites and the disease of this world? 

C. By Communicating The Dangers

God gave the Hebrews the Laws of God! They were written in stone and communicated to the people by the mouth of Moses and Aaron. Moses and Aaron were a consistent reminder to the people that God wanted His people to follow His law. The people murmured and complained against the man of God that delivered the message of God. The spiritual parasites that attacked were from within. 

Most parasites will gain entry into the body and begin their attack from within. They will show signs and symptoms on the outside when the parasites have made their way inside of the body. These are the most dangerous because they can’t be seen most of the time and they usually won’t cause our food or drink to smell or taste spoiled. 

In your life, you must be very careful to listen to the warnings from God and His Word to avoid getting sick from parasites. The children of Israel weren’t too concerned about the invaders that was not from the tribes of Israel. They would have banded together if that were the case. Since the danger came from within, they didn’t see anyone or anything that would cause issues. The very ones that crossed over the Red Sea with them were some of the ones complaining to Moses and Aaron about their past life. They complained about the things that they didn’t have instead of thanking God that they were not in bondage anymore. They didn’t heed the warning of the dangers. Do you see the danger sign and turn away or do you ignore it 

The Hebrews have a long 40 year journey ahead of them and we want to document the things that they learned during this time. We must remember that God is still in control but just because God is in control doesn’t mean that He won’t let us feel like we don’t have control. The wilderness is a place to trust God and leave somethings behind so that you can go forward. In tomorrows devotional, we will cover another truth about this wilderness journey. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie. 







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