The 5 Leadership Lessons From Moses (Part 2)

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The 5 Leadership Lessons From Moses (Part 2)

Exodus 4:1-31

The Old Testament character Moses was a simple man whom was thrusted into a position of leadership without the luxury of mentorship or a training program. There are a few things that Moses had to learn the hard way in his journey to lead God’s people. In this series we will see some of the leadership lessons that Moses learned and see how they apply to our lives as we walk with The Lord today. Join us as we learn leadership lessons from Moses.

Today we will discuss the second leadership tenant and how Moses used this skill.

II. The Principle Of Personal Reasoning

We see in our text that Moses had to except that God would use someone like him before others would except it. When we have difficulty believing that God can use us, we will have difficulty convicing others to believe. Moses had to come to grips with all of failures in the presence of an almighty God. Unless we are willing to lay it all out before God, we will never be able to be used all out for God. You see, God doesn’t need to know it, because He already knew it. Transparency is for our own hearts! Without clear transparency in our lives, about our sin and flaws, we will begin to have a murky and out of focused picture of God. How do we personally reason and with whom we are to reason? 

Reason – to think in a logical manner, to form conclusions, judgements or inferences from facts or premises. To convince, persuade and to support with reasons.

Stop & Think – Sometimes, leaders need to stop and think about the situation and ask themselves very important questions:

  1. What will happen if I do this?
  2. How will this benefit others?
  3. How will this benefit my Lord?
  4. How will this effect my personal walk with Jesus?

The reason why many people get themselves into trouble is because they don’t stop to think. Moses probably took time to stop and think “Why is God using someone like me?”. I can almost hear him giving off the objections one by one to God through the angel in the burning bush. However, if Moses would have taken the time to stop and think about what was happening things may have been different. Let’s look at this through the eyes of reason:

  1. This bush was on fire and it talked to him.
  2. His rod turned into a snake.
  3. The snake turned back into his rod when he touched it.
  4. He became leprous and back to normal again
  5. He is arguing with the being that has just made all this happen.

Personally, this type of reasoning would make any sane person ponder. How would you react?

Moses had to stop and think about how his actions would effect his family, his brethren and his Egyptian family. Moses stopped to think about things but we see that he didn’t stay stopped. At some point you must start to move. When you stop to think do you remain stopped and make excuses? Do you think so much about the situation that you suffer from paralysis by analysis? Sometimes we will think so much about what we can’t do that we won’t even try. Today, instead of seeing the things that we can’t do or haven’t done in the past, let’s focus on the fact that someone trusts us enough to even ask. In tommorrow’s devotional we will learn more leadership examples from Moses. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie.



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