Love, What Is It? (Part 9)


Love. What is it? (Part 9)

John 20:2

Usually when a person says I love you to another, it can mean anything from “I like you” to “I enjoy your company”. It is not so much the word as the meaning behind the word. In the bible, we read of many occasions that the word love is used but all too often we don’t really understand what it means. The fact of the matter is that we use this word so loosely today that we have lost the true meaning of love. Join us as we answer the question: Love, What is it?

I am not a Greek scholar nor do I profess to be one of the English language either, but I will share some words from the Greek to better illuminate this subject.

Today we will cover the last type of Greek love in our series. This affection is a wide-ranging force, which can apply between family members, friends, pets and owners, companions or colleagues; it can also blend with and help underpin other types of tie such as passionate love or friendship.

It’s called: STORGE Love – This type of love is considered a strong bond type of love between people, object and even animals.

What does this word really mean? We see this type of favoritism here in John 20:2

“Then she runneth, and cometh to Simon Peter, and to the other disciple, whom Jesus loved, and saith unto them, They have taken away the Lord out of the sepulchre, and we know not where they have laid him.”

Is it fair that out of all of the disciples that the bible mentions that Jesus loved one more than the others? Whether it is or isn’t we see that there is an obvious favoritism or affection for others. Why?

  1. STORGE Love Recognizes

Jesus saw a difference in the hearts of all the disciples but why was John mentioned as the one that Jesus loved? Perhaps Jesus recognized that the heart of John was pure, tender and humble. The bible mentions no other disciple lying on Jesus Christ’s breast during the last supper, which would be consistent with a deep type of love. Perhaps John recognized Jesus as his Comforter and actually leaned upon Him.

When we begin to see Jesus as our Comforter and lean on Him daily in our lives we begin to develop a precious and STORGE type of love that we have never known before. You will never love Jesus Christ if you don’t like Him enough to read His word. Do you recognize Him as special or is He just someone that you’ve just heard of and are on a first name basis only?


  1. STORGE Love Remembers

Remember when the disciples were all on the ship with Peter, fishing after the Lord’s death, and who was the first person to actually recognize Jesus on the shore? Many people believe that it was Peter but it was actually John. The account is recorded in John 21:7. So what does this entire thing mean? We see in the scriptures that:

  1. John was very close to Jesus and was one of the only disciples to hear Jesus’ last words.
  2. John was very close to Jesus and was the first disciple to recognize Jesus while they all went fishing.
  3. John was very close to Jesus and was the only one entrusted with the mysteries of the last days. Additionally, he lived longer than the others.

Could it be that Jesus remembered him over all the rest because of his extremely close relationship to Christ? This means that John rested upon Jesus in the good times, he stuck by Jesus in the bad times and as soon as he realized he was wrong remembered Jesus Christ’s face and alerted others. How about you? Do you alert others to Jesus Christ? Are you like on of the other disciples? John was found leaning on Jesus breast. He was close to Jesus even to the end. What would others say about your distance to the Lord? Are you close enough to touch Him? Or are you close enough to see Him but far enough away that you’re not feeling the touch of God?

We will begin to define love further this week by incorporating The Five Love Languages into our devotional series to better understand how each person is unique and how God has designed you to show and receive love. The we will give you an opportunity to find your love language so that you better understand the question Love, What Is It. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie.






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