The Bible & Gun Control 

The Bible & Gun Control

Today we are upon the verge of a major shift in the culture of our country. Our nation was built and founded on religious freedom and the liberty to bear arms in their own private quarters. Our president has decided to make even tougher policy to control gun related violence. This in and of itself isn’t an extremely huge issue but it can lead to several other legal issues for which there is a huge outcry. Join us today as we address gun control and the bible.

The answer to gun violence is not found in policy or executive orders. It is found in Jesus Christ. The world is trying to manufacture peace on the earth that a Holy God cursed. There will be no peace on earth because the bible tells us that men love darkness rather than the light. There are three things that could occur pending the approval of this order.

1. Violence Will Increase

Taking guns out of the hands of responsible Americans is like taking the teeth away from an attack dog! One of the reasons violence isn’t out of control today is because responsible Americans posses personal defense firearms. The knowledge that any American on the street could be carrying a personal defense option is a mental deterrent. Most criminals seek and easy target that yields the largest gain with the least amount of harm and/or danger. Without this fear of retaliation criminals will become more brazen and bolden in their efforts to attack those who have no personal defense.

I think about Jesus in the garden of Gethsemany before his crucifixion. He was not armed but we see the mob was armed in their attempt to overtake Him.

“And while he yet spake, lo, Judas, one of the twelve, came, and with him a great multitude with swords and staves, from the chief priests and elders of the people.”

Why did they have weapons against a man that never even touched a sword? Control! This world wants to remain violent and controlling. Notice that this text includes the religious groups of the day and the local government. Do you know that there are a few leading religious groups that want guns removed just as much as our government. Why? They are trying to fix something that cannot be fixed, without Christ, in their own human logic. Removing guns will increase violence because criminals will not follow common laws, much less new laws on gun sales and violence. Expecting criminals to follow gun control laws would be like setting fire to a gas station and expecting to put it out with a bottle of flammable liquid.

2. Violence Will Be Intensified

When guns are controlled the violence at the end of that act will be more violent than the period of time where they were allowed. Why? Fear! Do you remember 9/11/2001? That was a time when the terrorist attacked the US on its own soil. The last time that happened was before WWII by the Japanese in like fashion. To out do the previous attack, the violence had to be very graphic and over the top. Criminals will begin to band together and resort to intense violent acts.

3. Vigilante Justice Will Be Inspired

Jesus never promised peace on earth until He came back. In fact he told the Apostles that He send them in the world as sheep amid wolves. However, there will be some people that mean well in their hearts that will hurt others. People will try to act as the law but break it at the same time by going against the government.

How can I help?

‭1. Pray – it always drives me nuts to hear Christians complain about the government and others when they have never prayed for God to touch their hearts. You should never open your mouth, as a Christian, in complaints unless you have fervently prayed and fasted for God to touch their hearts. If you have not done that, then what makes you better than they?

2. Preach – it takes preaching to get people to learn that they are in error. The bible says that faith comes by hearing. Listen, they can’t hear when they aren’t under preaching, you will not have preaching unless you’re in church. If you aren’t doing what you can to get the gospel to them in order to change their hearts then maybe it’s you that’s in need of preaching.

3. Publically & Peacefully Protest – if people will not hear then we need to take the time to let our voices be heard. All too often we will complain about the wrongs but never offer a solution to fix them. Pointing out the wrong without making a plan to fix it is like spilling milk on the floor and yelling at the cow! Let’s peacefully protest in a manner that is dignified and respectful while getting across out point.

Unless we put forth effort to affect change then we will never be content with the actions of others. Let’s resist the desire to remain silent. Gun control will only hurt us and the innocent citizens that follow the laws in order to receive them. You want real gun control? Get everyone that buys a gun to sit in a church service before they can get their gun. Focus on the criminals that use the guns to hurt others and get them into church and that will change everything. Let’s pray that God touches the hearts of our government to reject this executive order. In tomorrow’s devotional we will resume part 8 of “Love, What Is It”. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie.


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