The Real Meaning Of Christmas (Part 1)


The Real Meaning Of Christmas (Part 1)

Matthew 1:18-25

Today is Christmas Eve and I am simply amazed at how little traffic there was on the roads as I was traveling in for work. However, I still see long lines outside of retail stores that have adjusted their hours to accommodate consumer demands. What ever happened to the simple time when we all gave gifts from the heart instead of giving gift cards that lack a personal touch? Has the Christmas season degraded to just another day for consumers to purchase gifts they can’t afford to impress people that really don’t care? What is the real meaning of Christmas?

Matthew 1:21

“And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins.”

The Christmas Story is true! Here’s Why?

  1. It Changes People

In this text we see that Mary became the earthly mother of Jesus while being espoused to Joseph. Joseph was not too happy with this development and sought to walk away. However, God appeared unto him in a dream and changed his heart so that he was accepting of Jesus.

This time of year the hardest of hearts are warmed and receptive to the gospel more than any other time of the year. The Spirit of God has more open doors to work because people are in more of a giving spirit. How about you? Do you have a giving spirit during the year or does it just manifest during the Christmas season? God can change your heart if you allow Him.


  1. It Connects People

In our text we see that the inn keeper, the wise men, the shepards, the angels, Herod The King and King Herod’s court were all connect to each other by way of Jesus Christ. Had it not been for Jesus, they would not have all met or even been in the same area. Jesus Christ brings a connection to people that would never normally meet.

The Christmas season connects friends, family and even foes for a special occasion of worship and wonder. I think about the World War I Christmas Truce of 1914. This was a time where British and German forces were fighting fiercely in trenches until Christmas morning in 1914. The soldiers from the two sides didn’t know each other but a common bond, a Christmas Carol, connected them. A German soldier began singing “Stille Nacht” or what we know as “Silent Night”. A British soldier began to sing the same song in response to the German’s original song. It wasn’t too long before all soldiers were singing Christmas songs at the tops of their lungs. World War I was a time where soldiers fought in trenches, which were divided by a space of ground; call no man’s land. This space was in the firing line between both French and German gunfire. Anyone caught in this area would become a casualty instantly. However, one brave soul from the British side held up his headgear in an act of humanity and friendship as he crossed over into no man’s land. Soon a German soldier reciprocated and it wasn’t long before all soldiers were in no man’s land shaking hands, singing carols and even exchanging clothing. This was the time that fallen comrades were buried, prisoners were swapped and games like football were played. This lasted during the entire Christmas day and was ended only when a British officer fired three shots into the air after everyone returned to their trenches that night. Jesus is the only one that can bring true peace. He is called The Prince of Peace. Do you know true peace? Do you know The Prince of Peace?


  1. It Converts People

In our text we see that all of the people that the Christmas story touched they were changed. The ones that sacrificed greatly left converted and went a different way, after hearing from God, from their original path.

When we come to Jesus in search of Him we will leave a different way than we came to Him. All too often we aren’t willing to bring Him the things that are important to us and we end up holding back. I would not want to be the one that held back things from our Lord. How about you? What are you holding back from Jesus this Christmas season? Are you totally committed to His service or are you half in or half out? I encourage you to fully commit to Christ. He is real! His story is true! His salvation is everlasting! In tomorrow’s devotional we will speak about why people hate Christmas. Join us again as we address real life issues with biblical answers on Worship With Willie.




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